(b. 1862, Wien, d. 1917, Budapest)

Boys Throwing Stones

Oil on canvas, 120 x 149 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

Boys Throwing Stones, painted in 1890, was one of the major works born during the time that Károly Ferenczy spent in the town of Szentendre. By that time Ferenczy had already been to Paris, and after having settled in the small town near the River Danube, he tried synthesize the experiences he gained in the French capital with his own way of perceiving nature.

The figures of the boys are monumentally set against the melancholy, barren landscape. Their movements are well observed, the rendering is far removed from any kind of narrative character. Although the gestures show different phases of motion, Ferenczy emphasizes the eternal character of the figures. With not a single bright colour patch to be found, the various shades of pearly grays dominate the finely wrought, dull colours. Ferenczy later joined the artists' colony at Nagybánya, where he developed a new style of painting.

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