(b. 1862, Wien, d. 1917, Budapest)

The Woman Painter

Oil on canvas, 136 x 129,5 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

"An Evening in March" opened Ferenczy's "bright" period: instead of visions full of emotions, he painted pictures inspired by reality. The subject matter of "Paintress" was taken from reality. Pupils of the Nagybánya school appeared with canvasses and easels in various parts of the town. They were accepted by people living in Nagybánya, and who were even too pleased to pose for pictures or to help young artists. The model of "Woman Painter" was Ilon, a woman miner in Nagybánya, who is portrayed in other pictures of Ferenczy, too. The composition is built on the rhythm of shadows of tree trunks and sunny strips. The thick tree trunk steps into this diagonal system with great daring and the figure of the paintress appears behind it. She is standing in the middle of dazzling greens on the hill-side. Colours of the picture are identical with those on the palette. The subject matter is painted with bright simplicity, everything appears so natural that the spectator will think after first viewing it that the painter's only ambition was to paint what he saw. After careful study of the picture, the spectator will of course notice how beautiful the picture is.

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