(active 1466-1517 in Rome)

Caesar: Commentaries

Manuscript (Ms. 453)
Biblioteca Casanatense, Rome

This codex is very refined both in its writing and its decoration. It was copied in Rome by the famous Paduan scribe Bartolomeo Sanvito (1435-c. 1512). He also wrote the beautiful coloured epigraphic capitals in alternating lines of gold, blue, red, green, and purple, which were his speciality and which are used here for headings and incipits, as illustrated here on folio 199. Initials with classical motifs (a fine example can be seen on folio 199) decorate the beginning of each book.

The decoration is attributed to a Paduan artist working in Rome, perhaps identifiable as Gaspare da Padova (active 1466-1517).

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