(b. 1634, Napoli, d. 1705, Napoli)

Judith in Triumph over Holofernes

Tesoro Nuovo, Certosa di San Martino, Naples

The new treasury (Tesoro Nuovo) was built on the north side of the monastery. Its painted decoration, completed in 1704 by the elderly Luca Giordano, constituted the last phase of the decoration of the charterhouse.

Giordano painted Judith in Triumph over Holofernes on the cupola vault. The figure that appears to dominate the vault is the heroic Judith triumphantly displaying the head of Holofernes to the people of Israel. The lunettes contains scenes from the Old Testament, among them Aaron's Sacrifice, and the Destruction of the Band of Korah above the entrance, and the Erection of the Brazen Serpent above the altar.

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