GIOTTO di Bondone
(b. 1267, Vespignano, d. 1337, Firenze)

Frescoes in the fourth bay of the nave

Upper Church, San Francesco, Assisi

The walls on either side of the window are divided horizontally. At top, the Creation of the World can be seen on the left and the Creation of Adam (Jacopo Torriti) on the right. Below these are the Building of the Ark and the Boarding of the Ark (follower of Cimabue). On the walls of the nave we can see the first three stations in the life of St Francis. The illusionistic framework of the Legend of St Francis is also visible: the rich console frieze above the coffered ceiling, which is laid out in perspective and supported by twisted columns.

The frescoes illustrate the complex decorative program realized in the nave of the Upper Church.

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