GIRALDI, Guglielmo
(active 1445-1489)

Dante: Divina Commedia

Manuscript (Urb. lat. 365)
Biblioteca Apostolica, Vatican

This copy of the Divine Comedy was executed for Federico da Montefeltro. The first part (up to folio 72) was illuminated by Guglielmo Giraldi from Ferrara. The following parts were made by three other illuminators, Alessandro Leoni, Giraldi's nephew, Franco de' Russi, and another, unidentified contemporary illuminator. From folio 171 on, the miniatures were completed by an anonymous sixteenth-century artist.

The miniature on folio 25, shown here, illustrates Canto X of Hell. We see Dante and Farinata before a sarcophagus in which are Cavalcanti and a further unidentified figure.

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