GOGH, Vincent van
(b. 1853, Groot Zundert, d. 1890, Auvers-sur-Oise)


September 1889, Saint-Rémy
Oil on canvas, 65 x 54 cm
Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Catalogue numbers: F 627, JH 1772.

The artist himself provided the most accessible of all models. Van Gogh painted himself twice in September 1889. In one of these self-portraits he shows himself as artist, dressed in his blue working smock, holding his palette and turning from his easel to stare at the spectator. The effect is lively and intense, partly as a result of the powerful blues and yellows in which he has painted himself. In the other portrait, illustrated here, van Gogh appears before us dressed in a smart suit and waistcoat, without his professional attributes. The pose and coloration produce a calmer and more dignified portrait. The background is decoratively textured with its weaving of thick brushstrokes. Apart from the white of the collarless shirt, and the flesh tones composed of pinks and delicate greens, the portrait is an exercise in blue and orange.

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