GOYEN, Jan van
(b. 1596, Leiden, d. 1656, Den Haag)

View of Dordrecht from the Oude Maas

Oil on canvas, 103,5 x 133,5 cm
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

The tonal trend of the 1630s continues into the 1640s, bringing still increasing spaciousness and fluidity. Van Goyen's technique often shows an open interplay of over- and underpaint, and the quick, whirling strokes make the vibration of the moist air almost physically felt. Side by side with river scenes, seascapes with choppy little waves appear. Often we meet wide views over the flat country that are lit by streaks of sunlight. A good number of city views occur, and they are set into the wide context of the Dutch countryside.

This almost monochrome painting shows the Groote Kerk (Great Church) in the background.

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