GOZZOLI, Benozzo
(b. ca. 1420, Firenze, d. 1497, Pistoia)

Death of St Monica (scene 13, south wall)

Fresco, 220 x 230 cm
Apsidal chapel, Sant'Agostino, San Gimignano

The Death of St Monica (387) in Ostia is combined with the departure for Carthage in the last picture of the second row. Here the client, Domenico Strambi, has also allowed himself to be immortalized. He is standing on the right next to the death bed, as we are told by the initials in the frame: F D M Paris, Frater Dominicus Magister Parisinus.

This picture field shows the praying St Monica on her deathbed. Above, St Monica appears in a small glory of angels in which her soul is being carried up to heaven. In the background on the right one can, through an open colonnade, see the departure of St Augustine for Numidia.

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