(b. 1541, Candia, d. 1614, Toledo)

Angelic Concert

c. 1610
Oil on canvas, 115 x 217 cm
National Gallery, Athens

The painting originally was the upper part of the Annunciation.

In 1608 El Greco contracted to paint three altarpieces for the church of the Hospital of St John the Baptist (the Tavera Hospital). Located just outside the walls of Toledo, the hospital was founded in 1541 by Cardinal Juan Tavera (1472-1545), who is buried in the church. Of this project for the altarpieces, three pictures survive: an Annunciation (Colección Santander Central Hispano, Madrid, the upper portion showing a choir of angels has been cut and is in the National Gallery, Athens), a Baptism (installed on a side altar in the church), and The Opening of the Fifth Seal (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

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