GUARDI, Gianantonio
(b. 1699, Wien, d. 1760, Venezia)

Portrait of Ferdinand VI of Spain

Oil on canvas, mounted on hardboard, 104 x 82 cm
Private collection

Gianantonio Guardi worked as a painter in the services of Field Marshall Matthias von der Schulenburg for almost 17 years - from 1729 to 1746. Von der Schulenburg was one of the greatest art collectors of 18th century Venice, and could count 106 works from Guardi's school in his collection. Portraits of contemporary rulers were one of von Schulenburg's favourite motifs to collect. Among others, Gianantonio Guardi painted portraits of Philipp V, the first Bourbon to ascend the Spanish throne, his second wife Elisabeth Farnese, and his son and heir Ferdinand VI. He based these works on portraits carried out by Louis Michel van Loo.

Ferdinand VI (1713-1759), called the Learned (el Prudente) and the Just (el Justo), was King of Spain from 1746 until his death in 1759. He was the third ruler of the Spanish Bourbon dynasty.

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