HOARE, English family of artists

The precise relationship between earlier generations of this family and the Hoare family of bankers is difficult to establish. In 1765, however, William Hoare, who had established a fashionable portrait practice in Bath, was commissioned by his friend Henry Hoare the younger to decorate one of the temples at Stourhead, Wilts, although this work was not executed. William's eldest daughter, Mary Hoare (c. 1753-1820), was also an artist, and there are examples of her work, mostly in crayon, at Stourhead, which also has the most substantial holdings of paintings and sculpture by other members of the family. William's brother Prince Hoare I (c. 1711-1769 was a sculptor, and his second son Prince Hoare II (1755-1834) was a painter who had considerable success as a playwright.

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