(active 1447-1464 in Rome)

Arch of Alfonso I of Aragon

Castel Nuovo, Naples

In 1453 a triumphal arch was built as the entrance to the Castel Nuovo in Naples. This was intended to commemorate the temporary arch that had been erected in front of the cathedral when King Alfonso entered the city in triumph in 1443. Typifying Alfonso's dependence on Spanish staff, the Catalan master Pere Joan (active 1400-58) oversaw the project. Under his direction Pietro da Milano, a Lombard sculptor who had spent his early years working in Ragusa in Dalmatia, supervised the work of at least five master sculptors (including Francesco Laurana) and thirty-three assistants. Sculptural work was allocated to different workers, ensuring a speedy completion of the project.

From 1455 to 1458 Isaia worked on the Arch of Alfonso I of Aragon. His precise contribution to the sculptural programme is controversial, probably Isaia's and his shop's contribution is limited to the lower fields of the arch.

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