(active 1401-1440 in Milan and Mantua)

Pope Martin V

Marble, twice life-size
Cathedral, Milan

In 1419 the Fabbrica of Milan Cathedral gave Jacopo da Tradate, an experienced master carver, a commission to produce a nearly twice-life-sized high relief carving of Pope Martin V for the interior of the Cathedral. While adhering to the convention of a frontal and enthroned pose for the pope, Jacopino enlivened the image with cascades of drapery on the back and sides of the throne and over the majestic figure of the pontiff. Apart from the purposefully rigid pose and fixed gaze of the pope, every element has been carefully observed from nature and rendered with the utmost fidelity. Martin's legs and hand, offering his blessing in perpetuity, extend realistically into space; his torso has weight and presence.

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