(b. ca. 1410, Köln, d. 1481, Burgos)

Exterior view

Cathedral of Santa María, Burgos

Construction on the Cathedral began in 1221 and was completed in 1567. It is a comprehensive example of the evolution of Gothic style, with the entire history of Gothic art exhibited in its superb architecture and unique collection of art, including paintings, choir stalls, reredos, tombs, and stained-glass windows.

After a hiatus of nearly 200 years, work resumed on the Burgos Cathedral towards the middle of the 15th century and continued for more than 100 years. The work done during this time consisted of embellishments of great splendour, assuring the Cathedral's continued world-renown status. The workshop was composed of an international team, and among the most famous architects were Juan de Colonia, soon relieved by his son Simon (responsible for the towers and open spires of the façade, the Constable's chapel, and the Saint Anne's chapel) and Felipe de Borgona, assisted by numerous collaborators (responsible for the choir, cupola, and lantern tower over the transept crossing).

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