KELDERMANS, Flemish family of architects and sculptors

One of the most important names in medieval architecture in the Netherlands is that of the Keldermans family, of which seven generations were architects and sculptors, especially working in the Brabantine Gothic style. Originally named Van Mansdale, the family originated from Brussel and later settled in Mechelen. Both these cities were among the most important of the Duchy of Brabant and are now in Belgium. Although much of the family's work was in the Duchy of Brabant, they had several assignments in Holland and Zeeland as well.

The family left a legacy of remarkable buildings: the Town Hall of Middelburg; the Court of Marquis of Bergen-op-Zoom; the Meat Hall of Brussels; the Gothic part of the Town Hall of Gent; and many examples in their native Mechelen.

The members of the family in chronological order:

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