KEY, Lieven de
(b. ca. 1560, Gent, d. 1627, Haarlem)

Exterior view

Vleeshal, Haarlem

The Vleeshal (Meat Hall) is a historical building on the Grote Markt in Haarlem. The building was used for selling fresh meat, salted meat was sold in the Warmoesstraat, the street next to the building. The Vleeshal is Lieven de Key's most important work.

The hall is a right-angled brick building, liberally decorated with boldly cut blocks of sandstone and scrollwork ornament. On the short sides are stepped gables with projecting blocks at the angles and stone scrolls. Some of the steps are crowned with obelisks. The entire façade is horizontally articulated by a series of cornices and impost mouldings, while the interior is defined by a row of columns down the central bay, starting from just inside the entrance.

The photo shows the Vleeshal seen from the corner Spekstraat and Lepelstraat.

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