LAMPI, Austrian family of painters

Matthias Lampi (1698–1780), the son of a Tyrolean farmer, was a minor church and decorative painter. He and his wife, Klara Margarete Lorenzoni, had 14 children, their youngest son being Johann Baptist Lampi I, who was active in Italy, Poland and Russia as well as his native Austria. Of his three sons and four daughters, Johann Baptist Lampi II and Franz Xaver Lampi (1782-1852) were the most important artists. Johann Baptist the younger followed in his father's footsteps as a portrait painter, and his style is often indistinguishable from the latter's. Franz Xaver is also noted as a portrait painter. Johann Baptist Matthias Edler von Lampi (1807–1857), the son of Johann Baptist the younger, was a painter working in Vienna.

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