LE PAUTRE, French family of artists

Adrien Le Pautre was a master joiner. Of his three notable sons Jean Le Pautre was a designer and printmaker, whose published works, sold singly or in sets, were an important conduit for disseminating French architectural taste throughout Europe in the 17th century. Another son, also called Jean Le Pautre (1622–77), was active as a mason, but perhaps the most important member of the family was Antoine Le Pautre, an architect whose Baroque style found favour among members of the aristocracy and with King Louis XIV. Pierre I Le Pautre (c. 1648–1716), Pierre II Le Pautre and Jacques Le Pautre (c. 1653–1684), an engraver, were sons of Jean, while Antoine's sons included another Jean Le Pautre (1648–1735), a sculptor, and Claude Le Pautre (b. 1649), an architect.

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