LE ROY, Philibert
(d. 1636)

Exterior view

Château, Versailles

The heart of the Palace of Versailles was the Cour de Marbre, the Marble Court, around which the royal apartments were grouped. It formed and still is the highpoint of three courtyards - the Cour des Ministres and the Cour Royale come first and form the setting for the approach to the palace. The Cour de Marbre, which owes its name to the floor decoration of black and white marble tiles, already formed the heart of the complex which had been built by Philibert Le Roy under Louis XIII.

The façades on the Marble Court were newly structured by Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin-Mansart under Louis XIV. They were decorated with balustrades, busts, statues, and vases to provide an impressive setting. The main façade was given a gilded balcony on four pairs of pillars.

The picture shows the Marble Court.

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