(b. 1452, Vinci, d. 1519, Cloux, near Amboise)


Oil on panel, 16 x 60 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris

The Annunciation was probably the central element of the predella of the Altarpiece of the Virgin with St John and St Donat commissioned from Verrocchio around 1475-78 for the Duomo of Pistoia. The main panel, still in place in the church, is unanimously attributed to Lorenzo di Credi, as well as another element of the predella (The Miracle of St Donat, Worcester Art Museum); a third panel (The Birth of St John the Baptist, Liverpool, City Art Gallery) is given to Perugino.

The attribution of the Annunciation of the Louvre was attributed in the past to either Leonardo da Vinci or Lorenzo di Credi, both worked at the time in the Verrocchio workshop. The attribution continues to be the subject of debate, however, the recent Leonardo exhibition in the Louvre attributes the painting to Lorenzo di Credi.

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