LEVY, Vaclav
(b. 1820, Nebreziny, d. 1870, Pilsen)

Fantastic Heads (Devil's Heads)

Libechov, Czech Republic

Vaclav Levy was a Czech sculptor, the last distinguished traditionalist. He carved amazing heads out of the living rock in the forest of Libechov in Bohemia. His images are so powerful and savage that they seem to transcend cultural specifics and emerge as timeless primal expressions.

Libechov is a village, a few kilometres north of Melnik. In this village a Baroque chateau, constructed in the 18th century, replaced an original late Gothic fortress. The chateau came into the possession of the noble Veith family in 1801. The family originally hired Vaclav Levy as a cook, but his sandstone sculptures ("Mary Magdalene," "The Harpist," "The Snake," and "Klacelka") now dot the area and are often the goal of touristic walks.

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