LIBERI, Pietro
(b. 1605, Padova, d. 1687, Venezia)

View of the ceiling in the Foresteria

Villa Foscarini Negrelli Rossi, Stra

The faux architecture on the ceiling was executed by Domenico Bruni, the figures by Pietro Liberi.

At the centre, a space opens up to a light blue sky, in which, derived from Ripa's Iconologia, Eternity, seated on a celestial sphere, raises up the sun and the moon in her hands. She is surrounded by the winged figure of Fame, holding a trumpet and a laurel wreath, by Glory and Honour, and by Virtue. Beneath Eternity, facing the viewers, is Splendour of the Name, in the form of a mature, bearded man who holds the club of Hercules in his right hand and a lighted torch in his left.

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