LOTTO, Lorenzo
(b. ca. 1480, Venezia, d. 1556, Loreto)

Portrait of Lucina Brembati

c. 1518
Oil on panel, 53 x 45 cm
Accademia Carrara, Bergamo

In this nocturnal portrait the pale moonlight laps the edges of the clouds and just barely mists the shores. Plump and self-confident, the Bergamasque noblewoman stands out with vibrating luminosity against the dark background. In this portrait Lotto mixes various features, namely the sense of belonging to the peaceful life of Bergamo, the ability to depict the sitters extremely vividly and the fondness for plays on words. In fact, the lady's name is concealed in a rebus: in the moon (luna in Italian) on the left the letters CI appear, thus form Lu-ci-na.

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