MACKINTOSH, Charles Rennie
(b. 1868, Glasgow, d. 1928, London)

Interior view: fireplace

Hill House, Helensburgh

Within the building's solid and protective walls, there are two essential moods to the house. There is the calming quiet of the hallway and the upstairs landing, with their dark wood panelling, a theme taken up again only in the painted, panelled dining room. Then there is the open, airy, light-filled drawing room and bedrooms, where white and off-white surfaces serve as a canvas on which the two Mackintoshes served an array of colour, symbolism and minimalist ornament. This is a house that could be emptied of hanging paintings or sculptures and yet still be replete with design. Skirting, doors, lights and furniture - and almost anything else that served a function, cutlery included - all were husbanded and midwifed into the world by the two Mackintoshes.

The photo shows the fireplace at Hill House.

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