(b. ca. 1488, Napoli, d. 1558, Napoli)

Tomb of Don Ramón Folch de Cardona

c. 1524
Sant Nicolau, Bellpuig

Around 1524 Marigliano collaborated on the marble tomb of Don Ramón Folch de Cardona, Viceroy of Sicily and Naples, a monument that reflects Andrea Sansovino's tomb designs and the decorative style imported by the Spanish sculptor Bartolomé Ordoñez. It is considered one of the best Renaissance works in Catalonia.

Ramon Folch de Cardona-Anglesola (1467-1522) was a Spanish general and politician, who served as the viceroy of Naples during the Italian Wars and commanded the Spanish forces in Italy during the War of the League of Cambrai. When he died, his wife Isabel de Requesens commissioned Giovanni Marigliano to build a lavish mausoleum to house the remains of the soldier and sailor from Bellpuig.

The mausoleum had to be transported by parts to the convent of Sant Bartomeu in Bellpuig, where the body of Ramón Folch de Cardona was buried. The abandonment of the convent after its ecclesiastical confiscation prompted in 1841 the relocation of the tomb to the parish church Sant Nicolau where it is now located on one side of the church.

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