(b. ca. 1488, Napoli, d. 1558, Napoli)

Monument of Don Pedro of Toledo

after 1544
San Giacomo degli Spagnuoli, Naples

Giovanni Marigliano (Giovanni Nola) was active in Naples. His unorthodox work is the Monument of Don Pedro of Toledo in San Giacomo degli Spagnuoli. Don Pedro, Viceroy of Naples and father-in-law of Cosimo I, died in Florence and was buried in the Duomo after he had commissioned the monument for himself and his wife. Vasari relates that he had intended to transport it to Spain. Instead, it was erected in Naples around 1570.

The monument includes three reliefs depicting his military and diplomatic accomplishments and at the corners four cardinal virtues. They are reminiscent of Florentine court sculpture, and have a slight Spanish accent.

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