MARTINI, Pietro Antonio
(b. 1738, Trecasali, 1797, Parma)

Exposition au Salon du Louvre en 1787

Engraving, 390 x 530 mm
Wildenstein Institute, Paris

From 1725, the Salon was held in the Palace of the Louvre, when it became known as Salon or Salon de Paris. In 1737, the exhibitions became public and were held, at first, annually, and then biannually in odd number years. They would start on the feast day of St. Louis (25 August) and run for some weeks. Once made regular and public, the Salon's status was never seriously in doubt.

The Salon exhibited paintings floor-to-ceiling and on every available inch of space. The jostling of artwork became the subject of many other paintings and engravings, including Pietro Antonio Martini's works.

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