(b. 1401, San Giovanni Valdarno, d. 1428, Roma)


Cappella Brancacci, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence

The two heads that have been discovered in the jambs of the original two-light window behind the altar are supposed to be the work of two artists: the Iefthand one is by Masolino, the righthand one (this picture) by Masaccio, for the former is painted with a clearly marked outline and the latter is modelled directly with the use of light. But there are many scholars who disagree and believe that both heads are by Masolino.

And the foliage pattern decorations that cover the jambs also appear to be the work of two different artists: the floral ornamentations above the two heads and the motif that frames the scene at the top, just under the window sill, are to be attributed to Masolino, whereas the decorations below the two medallions are more probably the work of Masaccio. But there is one scene that everyone agrees is by Masaccio: there are only two small fragments left of it, above the altar, but it was originally the scene of the Crucifixion of Peter.

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