(b. 1406, Capannole, d. ca. 1456, Dalmatia)


Duomo, Prato

From 1438 to 1442 Maso executed part of the bronze grille of the Cappella del Sacro Cingolo in the cathedral, until a dispute halted his work. It is Gothicizing in style, with a pattern of delicate rosettes and elegantly twisted stems of naturalistic plant forms interspersed with animals and putti.

The commission for the bronze screen and gates of the Cappella del Sacro Cingolo in Prato Cathedral was originally given to Maso di Bartolommeo and then to Antonio di ser Cola. Maso was responsible for the overall design, and both he and Antonio di ser Cola executed some of the delicate, openwork screen. In 1460 Pasquino da Montepulciano continued the work and he may have been responsible for the classicising acanthus-leaf frieze. On 25 April 1461 he undertook to complete the work within three years. However, in 1467 the decorative frieze of candelabra and palmettes was being put into place, and the gates were finished only in 1468 or even later.

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