(b. 1406, Capannole, d. ca. 1456, Dalmatia)

Bronze Doors of the New Sacristy

Bronze, 420 x 200 cm
Duomo, Florence

Two sets of bronze doors for the paired sacristies of Florence Cathedral were commissioned from Donatello in 1437, but because he made little progress, the commission for one set was cancelled and in 1446 awarded to Luca della Robbia, Michelozzo, and Maso di Bartolommeo; the final payment for these doors was not made until 1475, when they were put into place.

The model for the panel of St Gregory the Great on the lower left has been attributed to Maso di Bartolommeo, the other nine were designed by Luca. The doors were cast by Maso.

The seated figures flanked by angels on the doors of the New Sacristy (Sagrestia delle Messe) of Florence Cathedral include Madonna and Child, the four Evangelists, and five other saints, including the patron of Florence, St John the Baptist.

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