MASOLINO da Panicale
(b. 1383, Panicale, d. 1447, Firenze)

The Baptist's Sermon at the Jordan

Baptistery, Castiglione Olona

The altar (east) wall presents the Baptist's sermon on the bank of Jordan, in which John indicates the coming of Christ with his raised arm. In his other hand he holds a scroll on which his words are recorded: ECCE AGNUS DEIECCE QUI TOLLIT PECCATA MUNDI / HIC EST DE QUO DIXI POST ME VENT. Christ, accompanied by three disciples, appears in the picture's second plane. The figure, standing to the left of the Baptist, but turned away from him, has been painted across the corner and belongs to the scene on the north wall (the Baptist's Sermon in the Wilderness). Similarly, on the right side, the scene wraps around the corner into the window embrasure, where a group of John's listeners are depicted.

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