MASTER of the Holy Kinship
(active 1480-1518 in Cologne)

The Throne of Grace

Oil on panel, 116 x 86 cm
Private collection

This double-sided panel once formed the wing of a now lost altarpiece, with the Adoration of the Magi originally serving as the interior panel and the Throne of Grace as the exterior. Formerly, the panel was in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. It was sold for the Acquisitions Fund in 2013.

The composition depicting The Throne of Grace presents the Holy Trinity - God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Christ - in a tightly arranged unit. Angels kneel and pray beside the throne, while the female donor of the panel prays at the bottom of the scene. The embroidery of the canopy in this scene is of the same richly delineated pattern found in the canopy in the Adoration.

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