MASTER of the Legend of Saint Lucy
(active c. 1480-1510 in Bruges)

Legend of St Lucy

Oil on oak panel, 79 x 183 cm
Sint-Jacobskerk, Bruges

The three episodes from the life of St Lucy which are depicted here are based on the account in the Legenda Aurea (thirteenth century). In gratitude for the healing of Lucy's mother after a pilgrimage to the grave of St Agatha, they both decided to give their possessions away to the poor (first scene). Then Lucy was brought before the consul by her fiancé and on account of her faith she was condemned to prostitution (second scene). Lucy miraculously became so heavy that even a thousand yokes of oxen could not drag her away (third scene).

The work is considered as the central panel of a triptych with, on the wings, donors and the opening and ending scenes of the legend. The work can be linked stylistically with the Virgo inter Virgines in Brussels (Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique), which was the starting-point for the reconstruction of the oeuvre of this anonymous contemporary of Hans Memling.

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