MASTER of Moulins
(active 1480-1500)

The Moulins Triptych (central panel)

Panel, 157 x 283 cm
Cathedral, Moulins

In this chef d'oeuvre of the painter the Madonna is displayed on the central panel of the altarpiece, wearing a blue-green robe and a wide-spreading crimson mantle. Backed by the rainbow disk of the sun, she is seated on a throne, the crescent moon beneath her feet and the Infant Jesus on her lap. Two white-robed angels floating above her place a crown on her head. She is flanked on both sides by galaxies of angels in yellow and green; the two at the foot of the picture hold a scroll with the first verse of Chapter 20 of the Revelations of St John inscribed in Latin. The figures are ranged in symmetrical and equal masses around the Madonna, who acts as the central magnet of the composition. The accumulation of colours vibrating in the corona gives the air of a third dimension to the picture.

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