MASTER of Moulins
(active 1480-1500)

The Moulins Triptych (left shutter)

Panel, 157 x 63 cm
Cathedral, Moulins

The left shutter of the Moulins Triptych represents Pierre de Bourbon and his patron saint, St Peter.

On the left shutter kneels the donor, Pierre II, Duke of Bourbon. He wears a red mantle collared and lined with ermine, open on both sides to leave his arms free, and a coronet of pearls and precious stones denoting his rank. Behind him stands St Peter, drawing the attention of the Infant Christ in the central panel to his noble protégé. He wears the Papal tiara of his successors, the Bishops of Rome, and holds the keys of heaven in his hand. Although he is represented as the prince of the Apostles, with all the attributes of his rank, into his sumptuous gold brocade mantle, beneath the embroidered heads of cherubs, a repetition of word 'Espérance', the impress of the Bourbon family, is embroidered.

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