MASTER of Moulins
(active 1480-1500)

The Moulins Triptych (right shutter)

Panel, 157 x 63 cm
Cathedral, Moulins

The right shutter of the Moulins Triptych represents Anne de France, the wife of Pierre de Bourbon.

In the pomp and luxury of her clothes the donor's wife is no whit behind the magnificence of her husband. Apart from the cloak, held together across her breast by a double cord, which at the time was already going out of mode, she is dressed in the height of fashion. Her glittering coronet, surmounting a pearl-embroidered head-dress, indicates her double rank as wife of a duke and daughter of the reigning monarch, Louis XI. Her somewhat reserved or even haughty expression may indeed be due to her consciousness of her position. Her daughter, a replica of her mother in features, attitude, and very nearly in dress, kneels behind her. In the almost physical pleasure the painter has taken in rendering the texture and feel of the fine fabrics we are aware of the direct influence of Flemish art.

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