MASTER of Moulins
(active 1480-1500)

Portrait of Charles II of Bourbon

c. 1485
Tempera on panel, 35 x 27 cm
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

There is a dignity in this portrait, in which intense shades of red predominate, which makes it the worthy representation of a cardinal and 'Prince of the Church'. His face reflects the devotion and concentration appropriate to the act of prayer, combined, however, with the authority of worldly knowledge and political skill. It was not for nothing that Louis XI of France invited him to act as his son's godfather, or helped him to become Archbishop of Lyons; indeed he spared no effort to gain the support of the Bourbons, one of the country's greatest noble families, to which the Cardinal belonged. This important figure of the second half of the fifteenth century found in the Master of Moulins a portraitist worthy of his position.

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