MASTER of the Votive Panel of Sankt Lambrecht
(active around 1430 in Austria)

Votive panel from Sankt Lambrecht Abbey

c. 1430
Oil and gold on panel
Alte Galerie, Graz

This painter is named after the present International Gothic style panel formerly in the abbey of St Lambrecht, Styria, in which Abbot Heinrich Moyker (1419-55), the donor, kneels before the Virgin of Mercy, with St Hemma of Gurk (or St Hedwig), in a landscape setting showing the Hungarians' victory over the Turks.

The precise identity of this painter is not known, but it is likely that his workshop was based in Vienna and included more than one hand. His works display an elegant style which fuses the International Gothic of Bohemia with that of contemporary Italian painting as well as that of Cologne.

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