MASTER of the Votive Panel of Sankt Lambrecht
(active around 1430 in Austria)

Christ on the Mount of Olives (verso)

c. 1430
Oil and gold on panel, 82 x 67 cm
Private collection

This painting is the verso of the panel depicting the Nativity. The panel would probably have originally formed part of a large-scale altar or retable. This altar was likely to have had scenes from the Passion of Christ on the outer sides of its panels, while those painted with the more precious and visually arresting gold grounds (visible only when opened on feast days) would have formed a cycle dedicated to the Life of the Virgin on the inner sides.

This panel was linked to the Saint Lambrecht Votive altarpiece, a remarkable Gothic panel depicting the victory of the Hungarians over the Turks in the presence of the Virgin. The present picture has many points in common with other accepted works by the Master of the St Lambrecht Votive Altar, and it seems reasonable to assume that they come from the same workshop.

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