(active in 1520s in Saxony)

St Sebastian

c. 1520
Tempera on wood
Bischöflicher Stuhl, Eichstätt

This panel was one of the side wing of an altar triptych which the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder produced for the Bishop of Eichstätt. The local patron saints Willibald and Walburga, adored by the bishop, occupied the central panel, which is now in the Historical Museum in Bamberg. The side wings with Sts Sebastian and Roch on the inner sides are still in the possession of the diocese.

The representation of St Sebastian does not follow the pictorial tradition, he is only recognisable in the general iconographic context and from the arrow, his attribute, which he holds in his hands. His contemporary dress and facial features suggest a portrait of Count Philipp of Solms-Lich as a historiated portrait. Count Philipp of Solms-Lich (1468-1544) was an imperial councilor under Maximilian I and Charles V, and at the electoral court of Frederick the Wise.

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