(active 1520-1530)

Christ's Farewell to his Mother

Limestone, 117 x 103 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

The relief entitled Christ Taking Leave of his Mother, together with the fragment showing the three apostles was probably the central part of an epitaph erected in memory of a deceased person. The epitaph most probably stood in the bishopric cathedral of Nyitra. The iconographical curiosity of the relief is that the Virgin Mary touches Christ's attire in a way reminiscent of the "Noli me tangere" representations. The figures of Mary and Christ, and especially the depiction of Christ's head, prove the artist's familiarity with a woodcut of the same subject in Dürer's series, The Small Passion. The balanced composition, together with the long folds of the robes and the tranquil brush-work, point to the influence of northern Renaissance art, and shows similarities with the art of Hans Daucher and Peter Vischer in particular.

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