(c. 1200-1259)

Historia Anglorum, Chronica majora, Part III

Manuscript (Royal MS 14 C VII), 356 x 238 mm
British Library, London

The manuscript includes two autograph copies of historical works by Matthew Paris (c. 1200-1259), artist and historian. with prefatory material. The decoration includes maps in colours and gold of an itinerary from London to Apulia, and to the Holy Land, as well as one large framed tinted drawing of the Virgin and Child (folio 6r), and a series of tinted drawings of the kings of England.

The picture on the frontispiece (folio 6r) of the "Historia Anglorum" represents the Virgin and Child with the artist kneeling. The style of it is outline drawing, tinted with colour. This technique is very old and it had been momentarily revived by Matthew Paris and his associates.

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