MAZZONI, Sebastiano
(b. ca. 1611, Firenze, d. 1678, Venezia)

Palazzo Moro Lin: Façade

Canal Grande, Venice

This palace was designed in 1670 by the Tuscan painter Sebastiano Mazzoni, best known as a painter rather than for his sporadic activities as an architect. Its first owner was Pietro Liberi, a painter with a somewhat adventurous life. In 1691 the palace became the property of the Lin family.

The long palace, called "with thirteen windows," is the result of the restoration of two neighbouring palaces. The space which divided the two original palaces probably corresponds with the large central window. The façade is entirely decorated with ashlar-work with continuous windows interspersed with pilasters. The last floor is the result of subsequent restoration work which took place after the wedding of Gaspare Moro and Isabella Lin.

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