MEIT, Conrad
(b. ca. 1480, Worms, d. 1550, Antwerpen)

Margaret of Austria

Boxwood, height 9 cm
British Museum, London

Conrad Meit became the court painter of Margaret of Austria in Mechelen and sometime before 1514 and remained in that position until her death in 1530. He was principally responsible for important works for Margaret's residence in Mechelen and for the church of Saint-Nicolas-de-Tolentino at the royal monastery at Brou by Bourg-en-Bresse, which was the burial site of Margaret, Philibert of Savoy, the husband of Margaret, and his mother, Margaret of Bourbon. In connection with the latter commission, Meit went to Brou in 1524 and, along with assistants, executed the tomb sculptures there between 1526 and 1531. For her residence at Mechelen in particular, Meit made sculptures of mythological themes and a series of busts, both small, in boxwood, and large-scale, in marble and alabaster. Margaret displayed these in her library along with painted portraits and medallions.

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