(d. 1450)

Elogium on Giangaleazzo Visconti by Pietro da Castellato

Manuscript (Ms. 5888), 376 x 242 mm
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

The picture shows a page from the Eulogy for Giangaleazzo Visconti (ms. 5888, fol. 1).

In 1403 Michelino da Besozzo illuminated a 'de luxe' copy of the funeral eulogy pronounced on Giangaleazzo Visconti. He appears to have survived up to 1450, and this illumination is followed by a very small group of paintings and manuscript. His highly individual figure style has so far defied explanation, although the soft, rather pink little faces are easily recognizable. It is to be supposed that his painting is in some way connected with the 'soft-style' of the Empire.

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