(b. 1396, Firenze, d. 1472, Firenze)

Villa Medici

c. 1455

Various other works dating between 1445 and 1455 have been attributed to Michelozzo, but with no documentary foundation, although it is possible that he was involved with San Girolamo at Volterra, San Girolamo at Fiesole, the monastery at San Miniato, the Palazzo dello Strozzino (1458–65), Florence.

The Medici villa at Fiesole is also attributed to Michelozzo, although its construction was supervised by Antonio Manetti Ciaccheri (1405–1460). The design, a simple block with a loggia overlooking a terraced garden, reflects a new interest in the villa as a place of rest and culture as described by Cicero and Pliny.

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