(b. 1844, Munkács, d. 1900, Endenich)

Dusty Country Road I

Oil on wood, 77 x 118 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

In addition to producing genre paintings, portraits and still-lifes, Munkácsy was also a successful landscape painter. Following his visit to his young friend, the landscapist László Paál in Barbizon, he frequently painted landscapes by way of relaxation. The two versions of the painting Dusty Country Road commemorate the painter's visit to his homeland in 1874. (Munkácsy moved to Paris in 1871.) While in the 1874 version the blurred outlines of a farm house by the road are also shown, in the 1883 version Munkácsy seemed to have been interested only in recording the atmosphere. Painting this landscape brought Munkácsy closer to the Impressionists, of whom he actually thought very little, and even to Turner, whose works he had seen during a brief visit to London.

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