(b. 1874, Budapest, d. 1919, Budapest)


c. 1912
Oil on canvas on paste-board, 25,5 x 32 cm
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Nagy Balogh managed to appraise at the beginning of his career where he could best rival with painters who had an academic education. This is why he began to survey the surroundings of his well-known home and to study fundamental esthetic issues arising from the world of simple interiors. His early interiors of rooms and kitchens were characterized by indiscriminate selection. He is trying to reproduce his poorly studio in a "narrative style". These pictures are characterized by carefully selected light effects, by colours embedded in brown, which reflect the influence of Munich and a respect of Munkácsy. Interiors with a spontaneous portrayal were substituted by more mature compositions of the early 1910s. Elements of "Atelier" are those of a stylized architecture. Colours of the picture are not far from those of plein air yet but definite contours and careful statics of objects reflect composition in Cézanne's style. Objects are no longer eventual, but peculiar, short-spoken and symbolic.

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