NAIVEU, Matthijs
(b. 1647, Leiden, d. 1726, Amsterdam)

The Holy Family

Oil on panel, 20 x 17 cm
Private collection

This small panel is characterised by its close-up, densely packed composition and skilful use of two light sources. A lit candle in the centre of the work illuminates the crowded faces, and an oil lamp lights up the wall and reveals the artist's signature. The work's style allows it to be allocated to the artist's early period, which was marked by the influence of the "Fijnschilder" of the Leiden School. The choice of a close-up perspective and the illusionistic play of artificial light - inspired by the work of Godfried Schalcken - are typical of this phase. Alongside Dou, Slingelandt, and Schalcken, Naiveu is among the most emblematic representatives of late Netherlandish genre painting.

The panel is signed and dated upper right: M. Naiveu 1679.

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